Are you looking for a professional help for regular cleaning of your washroom, restroom or toilet? Star city pest control is one of the leading cleaning service providers in Qatar. Our company hires professional cleaning housekeepers to clean your restrooms and toilets. We have been providing services to some of the well-known hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, schools, banks etc. All our cleaning staffs are highly trained about the sanitation requirement of the washrooms, restrooms and toilets.

Why washroom, restroom or toilet cleaning is important?

Toilets and washrooms have high chances of germs collection due to obvious reasons. Washrooms and toilets are the things of pride to us and can really damage our image if not kept clean. They also tend to show our sanitation behavior. Hence keeping the toilets and washrooms neat has a social reason. It also has health reasons too. Many researches have shown that about 50% of diseases or illness in people are caused by unhealthy and dirty toilets, washrooms or restrooms.

Why look for professional help?

Washrooms or restrooms are the places of the house where maximum cleaning maintenance is required for the obvious reasons. The cleaning and disinfecting process in such places may not be quite effective without professional helps. General people may not have the equipment or the technique to clean out every corner of the toilets and washrooms. We at Star City Pest Control have highly trained professionals that will reach out to every corner for the disinfection process.

Why choose us?

We provide on time delivery for in all the major cities of Qatar. We guarantee the best servicing experience for you. All our cleaning staffs go through more than four weeks of quality training and counseling sessions before their full recruitment in the company. We provide the most competitive prices for all the services we provide to our customers.