Star City Pest Control is one of the best hotels cleaning service provider in Qatar. We had a humble beginning but with mouths of praise our company has become one of the leading cleaning service providers in the country. We always believe in teamwork and making innovative strategies that can complement our skills for cleaning. Our customer oriented customer services has helped many hotel businesses for the extension of their services.

Hygiene in hotels

Maintaining hygiene is a mandatory thing in the hospitality industries such as hotels. To understand the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in hotels we have to understand what poor hygiene in hotels can do to the business. Yes obviously there are various health reasons for keeping the hotel clean but there is more to that. According to different researches it is estimated that more than 72 percent of the customers rank cleanliness as their number one priority while choosing a hotel to stay or recommending to acquaintances.

Many of the researches were conducted in the cities of Qatar which included many of the foreign tourists who were there for a short stay. Many of the participants in the research considered cleanliness of bedrooms and bathrooms more important than the food available in the hotel. This clearly shows the importance of hygiene in the hotel.

Absence of odor, dust free and smooth floors are some of the factors to rate the hygiene of a hotel. Appearance is very important in hotels and hence improper maintenance and cleaning can really upset the guests of the hotel. Clean, smooth, sparkling walls and floors of rooms, bathrooms and toilets can really help to boost the business in hotels. It is universally known fact that a happy customer is the key to success in hotel and hospitality.

We provide all kinds of cleaning services for hotels. The size of your business does not matter to us as we look to give our hundred percent while serving for both small and large businesses.