When we talk about living room of a house we generally tend to picture lots of sofas in the place. It is because sofas are an integral part of our living room. Many people spend most of their time sitting in a sofa. Some of us have our movie time, breakfast time etc. in a sofa which shows just how much we rely on sofas and couch. Many of us even have our sleep on sofa and hence it is alright to consider maintaining hygiene in sofa is just as much important as maintaining hygiene in a bed or bedroom.

Couches and sofas seem to get dirty due to various reasons. Spilling coffee or tea, stains of spicy foods, dusts, pest infestation etc. cause the sofas to be inappropriate to sit. Many guests in residential homes sit on the couch at first and if the couches and sofas are dirty then it will have negative impacts on your image. It is so true for the offices as many business meetings and client meetings are done in couches and sofas.

Star City Pest Control provides the best sofa and couch cleaning services in the Qatar region. Now you don’t need to worry about the pest infestation in your couches or a food stain. Leave your worry for the dust collected in the sofas and couches. Our company provides shampooing and conditioning services for leather sofas and couches. We will help you revitalize the look of your old sofa and make it feel like brand new. Forget all the stinking smell from the sofas and couches as we will fill the sofas and chairs with a breath of fresh smell. We have been providing sofa cleaning services for both commercial buildings and residential homes. Our services can be easily accessed in all the major cities of Qatar.