Cockroaches are generally browned colored insects which can create a sense of disgust upon its first sight. They are found inside human premises many times as they have adapted themselves to live among humans. Food is contaminated by cockroaches when they crawl into food items. They generally live in dirty places, garbage areas, bathroom sinks, and toilet sinks etc. and hence carry loads of diseases in their bodies. Hence they are also a major carrier of diseases in humans. They also destroy items like clothes and paper. They carry kind of stinky odors wherever they go and these odors remain for a long time.

Cockroach pest control


Cockroaches are also known to create phobias in many people along with allergies. Due to these various reasons it is very important to get rid of the cockroaches. There are various home remedies that can be done prior to taking professional helps.

Cleaning of premises of a house is one sure way to reduce the infestation of cockroaches. Identifying the hideout of these insects and destroying them also helps. Using of insecticide for cockroach elimination is also getting quite popular.

After taking these prior steps, if the cockroach infestation does not decrease than you sure can call for professional help. Star City Pest Control & Cleaning supplies you with the most effective way of getting rid of cockroaches from your premises. We are so precise in our work that no cockroaches will be left in your home by the time our workers return after the service.

Our services are available for residential homes, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, offices, industrial warehouses and many more. All our services are available in the major cities of Qatar such as Doha, Al Rayyan, Al Khor, Al Wakrah etc.