Rats and mice belong to the rodent family and many rats and mice have learnt to live in the environment where the human live. Rats have been living alongside human for thousands of years. Rats can be very dangerous for the property and health of human. Once a house is infested with rats it can be very hard to get rid of them because these rodents are persistent in their character.

Many people have phobias surrounding rats and mice and hence these rats can create a situation of panic just with their presence. The thought of rats moving around us can be nerve wrecking for many of us. They have been responsible for creating various kinds of allergies in people. The urine of a rat contains chemical compounds that contribute in triggering allergies in people. The droppings of mouse also cause allergies in people. This is particularly dangerous for the people who are suffering from asthma.

Rats Control Qatar

Rats Control

Some of the diseases caused by mice and rats are Listeria, Rat-bite fever, Hantavirus salmonellosis. One of the great destruction caused by the rats was in the 14th century. 14th century Europe saw a major outbreak of bubonic plague or black death which was responsible for wiping out the population of 30 to 40 percent in Europe. Such was the destruction caused by the bubonic plague that it is remembered as one of the most dangerous disease outbreak in the history of the human race.

Mice and rats are also responsible in transferring other parasites in homes such as fleas. The fleas live on the body of these rodents and get transferred in pets and human on getting opportunity. Fleas can really affect the health of our pets. Hence presence of mice and rats create other pest infestation as well.

Apart from health issues mice and rats can damage to the properties of our home. They almost eat everything which we as a human eat. Even when they are not eating they are constantly nibbling around to sharpen their constantly growing teeth. Wires, clothes, papers, mats, wooden items and almost anything become the victims of the rats and mice nibbling. The constant nibbling of electrical wires by rats and mice causes fire breakout in thousands of houses every year.

Signs of rats and mice infestation

Well determining rats and mice infestation is not so much hard as the signs of mice and rats can clearly be seen in the house. Although they rarely come out in front of human at day time their presence can easily be felt during night. They constantly move around making noises and sound of chattering. Their nibbling also can clearly be heard during the night. Bitten food items, torn clothes, broken wire etc. can regularly be seen in houses infested with rats and mice.

Getting rid of mice and rats infestation becomes harder due to their reproduction capacity. They can quickly reproduce and increase their number exceptionally. Rats and mice can invade our home premises through small holes or openings present in our homes. Hence it is quite difficult to keep away rats and mice from homes.

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