Adverse effects of flea in your pets

Fleas are parasitic insects that are mostly found in the body of pets such as cats, dogs etc. These insects generally feed on blood of your pets for survival. These fleas reach out to human via pets of human. Generally fleas are transferred in your pets when these pets play or come in contact with other animals that are already infested by these harmful insects. Although most common types of flea do not bite human but some certainly do. These fleas can transfer to the human when cats or dogs play or sleep in the bed of humans.

It is estimated that there are more than two thousand species of fleas in the world. Various kinds of fleas depend on various kinds of hosts for survival but only few types of fleas are parasitic to human and human pets (cats and dogs). These fleas do not have wings but are a very good jumper and hence even without wings they can jump so much that they can easily jump from one animal to another when in close range.

Fleas are the bitter truth of life for every pet owner. These fleas not only suck blood from the body but create unimaginable amount of irritations in their skin. They can create various kinds of skin complications for the pets. Some fleas can even create internal complications. Many pets suffer through anemia due to the blood sucking of fleas. They also can cause tapeworms in the bodies of pets. As we all know how dangerous tapeworms can be as severe case of tapeworm can create extreme weight loss and even death.

Fleas are not only dangerous to pets but are equally dangerous to humans too. They have been known to cause plague and cat scratch fever in humans. Hence it is very necessary to get rid of the fleas as soon as possible.

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