Office is one of the most important part of businesses because it is the face of the company. Any drawbacks in the office can directly reflect on the type of business done by the company. There are various kinds of problems in maintaining healthy environment in offices and pest infestation is one of them. Pest infestation in offices is very often found and is estimated to cause millions of dollar loss in offices every year.

How do pests cause harm in offices?

First of all the main thing that pest infestation can cause damage to is the reputation of the company. As many clients come to office for various business deals in offices they can really build up a bad images about the offices if they see cockroaches, rats, spiders etc. hanging around in the office. They also do not want to have business deals with the company which office has such unsafe environment. We have thousands of complaints of people about how their businesses were hindered for many years due to pest infestation. They also cause various kinds of property damages in the offices. Along with these health issues are another things to be concerned about due to pest infestation.

Some of the most common types of pests found in the offices are as follows:


Spiders are the most common type of pests found in the office premises. Although spiders are not really known to cause damage to the properties but they sure can give bad look to the properties by building disgusting web around the properties. A room full of cobwebs is certainly not a pleasant sight to see. You certainly don’t want your clients freaking out during a business meeting as spiders are known to cause panic around many people. Many people suffer through the fear of spiders which in medical term is known as arachnophobia. Hence it is necessary to get rid of spiders from the office for the sake of health and reputation.

Rats and mice

Rats and mice are another common type of pests found in offices. Imagine you have an important file for your business being made ready and suddenly you find that these are being bitten off by rats and mice. All your hard work of many days gone in a jiffy, such thing can be common if your office is being infested by rats and mice. Along with documents damage they also can cause property damage in offices such as damaging carpets, sofas, table sheets etc. They also can cause short circuit by chewing off electrical wire. Due to these various reasons no one wants to have these rodents around their office premises.


Offices are generally filled with expensive wooden furnitures as such is the trend of office decoration. But what if all these wooden furnitures will be destroyed and eaten off. The office will have to suffer through quite a great loss. Termites are unique kinds of pests that generally depend on wooden items for their survival. Termites also can cause damage to clothing, paper items and any other things that contains cellulose.

Other types of pests such as cockroaches and bed bugs can also be found in the offices. If you are looking for commercial pest control solutions for your offices then Star City Pest Control is the best solution for you. We provide the most cost-effective and environment friendly office pest control solution in Qatar. Our services can be found in all the major cities of Qatar such as Doha, Al Khor, Al Rayyan, Dukhan and many more. Contact us right now for quick home delivery service.