Food and beverage processing industries are the industries that are mostly hit badly by pest infestations. Hence in food and beverage industry pest control is one of the most important aspects of management. Food and safety standards of international standards always mention how a food and beverage processing industry should always be free from all kinds of pest infestations. Pest infestation in food and beverage industry can really cause great loss of reputation among their clients. Also food and beverage manufactured in such industries with pest infestation can cause serious health issues to the consumers.

Various kinds of precautions and measures should be implemented to keep the pest infestation away from the food and beverage industry as it a very sensitive industry directly related to the public health. Our company Star City Pest Control & Cleaning specializes in pest control in food and beverage industry. We carry out safe procedures for pest control for such sensitive places. We understand that food and beverage industry have different environment standards than other locations and thus require different approach for pest control than other locations. We help you create the perfect healthy environment for your industry and comply with food safety standards according to the local and international standards.

It is our scientific methodologies that has made our pest control and management system so successful. We provide inspection service for the food and beverage industries. Our regular inspection will help you to get rid of the pest infestation problems before it even starts. We inspect every corner of the location where it is hard for the normal eyes to reach. We ensure that storage rooms, basements, employees break rooms etc. are all free of any kind of pest infestation. Also we look for the possible entrances from where the pests might be able to enter the premises. We always believe that prevention is better than cure and hence we try to implement effective preventive measures of pest infestation based on our inspection. We destroy the nearby breeding sites of pests as well as possible entry points of pests to the property. This is purely a preventive method which helps in limiting pest invasion in a property. But if the premise is already infested by pests then we do a different approach. First of all our team of experts will identify the kind of pest infestation and the reason behind the infestation. We use the most methodological and scientific ways to eliminate the pests from the premises. We always focus on choosing the right kind of treatment solutions for each kind of pest infestation. We always try to use non-chemical method to get rid of the pests as much as possible. This is due to the fact that food processing areas must be as freer as possible from chemical use as possible. Also it also helps to keep the environment healthy. Even after the treatment process we do not just stop there. We constantly monitor the property to ensure there is no more pest infestation. We provide our monitoring services according to the requirement of our customers. It may be biweekly, monthly or any other time periodic base as per the requirement of the customers and the plants. We not only eliminate pests but help our customers be ready for the future pest infestation.