Pest is a very common problem in the residential homes in Qatar. These pests have been living in our homes for a very long time and have learnt to adapt themselves according to the human way and hence it has become very hard to get rid of them. There are various types of pests infestation in residential homes and they can be controlled to certain extent with home remedies but getting rid of pests completely from residential buildings requires professional pest control. Some of the most common types of pests found in homes are rats, mice, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants, fleas etc.

Star City Pest Control & Cleaning is the supplier of pest control services throughout the various cities of Qatar. Our company is made with a single goal of achieving maximum customer satisfaction through our customized services. Our group of professionals is highly trained with a wide range of knowledge about the pests. We understand that pest control is not only about exterminating current crops of pests but finding out their roots source of causes. We use our experience to find out the breeding sites of all kinds of pests and destroy the site for those pests. Some of our pest control services include the following:

Termite control (termites are known for damaging valuable wooden furniture in the house)

Mosquito control (mosquitoes are known for bloodsucking and causing various fatal diseases such as malaria)

Bed bugs control (bedbugs are bloodsucking parasites mostly creating sleep deprivation in people)

Cockroach control (cockroaches are known to damage foods and cause food poisoning and other communicable diseases)

Ant control (ants are known to attack food items in the kitchen)

Fleas control (fleas are generally found sucking bloods in pets of human being)

Rat control (rats are known to cause loss of property and cause various fatal diseases such as black plague)

Bird pest control (some birds known to invade the properties of human and damage its outlook)

All the services provided by our company are all performed by professionals that will help to protect your health as well as properties. We are certified company that also provides pest inspection services for your properties.