Construction cleaning

Post construction cleaning is a lot different than other cleaning processes and hence requires a different set of skills. The equipment used in the construction site are different from general cleaning. Various kinds of cleaning equipments such as floor scrubbers, vacuums, filtration etc. are used for the cleaning of the construction site. Looking at the size and kinds of construction the site may require multiple people for cleaning tasks. Hence it is always better to hire professionals for the cleaning of the construction sites.

Star City Pest Control will help you clean up the site after the completion of construction. Our groups of experts and cleaning crews are highly trained for the cleaning of construction sites. They will make sure your place is free of unwanted debris and dust. We will help you gain complete satisfaction by ensuring that your property has a breath of fresh smell along with neat outlook. We help people feel comfortable while getting into your property.

What are included in our construction cleaning services?

We provide cleaning of various parts in our post construction cleaning services. We provide frame cleaning of windows and doors. All kinds of drawers and cabinets in the construction sites are included in the services. Bath tub cleaning, sink cleaning, various kinds of furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning, getting rid of debris and dust from the site, complete cleaning of floors and carpeted areas, removing of paint stains, gums etc. from walls, floors, furnitures etc. are also included in our services.

Before providing our services we go through complete inspection of the site and make strategies for the most efficient cleaning services. Our crew members are capable of working towards gaining your needs. All our services are available in the main cities of Qatar such as Doha, Dukhan, Al Rayyan, Mesaieed etc.